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Loyal Reader Award Logo

This is the award where other bloggers get to lay their claim on you!

My friend Lucinda Elliot has nominated me for the Loyal Reader Award, a singular blessing bestowed for being a good boy and showing up to read her blog posts on a regular basis. I should have asked for Air Miles! 🙂

Seriously, I enjoy the Sophie de Courcy blog very much, and recommend it to enthusiasts of either Gothic or romance novels. A big thank you for the nomination, Lucinda. You are ever a good friend and always worth reading.

According to the award’s mission statement, “The Loyal Reader Award is for the faithful and loyal readers who rarely miss a post. True through thick and thin, they are there to lend a supportive word or a cyber hug. The Loyal Reader Award was created to show that we really do treasure each and every individual relationship formed here on WordPress.”

The award’s rules are simple:

1. Display the award badge on your blog.

2. Thank the person who gave you the award.

3. Answer a question chosen by the awarder.

4. Send on the award (with your own question) to everyone you consider a loyal reader.

Lucinda’s question is:

Would you rather be world famous after your death for writing something worthwhile, or rich in this life for writing something you knew to be of no literary merit at all?

My answer is:

I live so simply that being rich would have extremely limited utility for me. I will go for the posthumous fame.

My question for my awardees is:

Are you a contented blogger?

My Awardees:

Not everyone likes blog awards so I want to assure all who receive the award that it comes with no obligations. On the other hand, if you do not see yourself among the awardees, but do read many of my posts, just leave a comment and I will happily add you to the list.

I designed this blog to reach past the blogging community to the much larger pool of simple Internet users beyond. These readers remain anonymous, but I would like to thank the more than 1000 unique visitors who read posts last month. That said, the blog does have a few WordPress stalwarts. Notable among these are:

1) The stellar Lucinda Elliot herself.

2) Mari Biella, who, along with her circle of students and friends has helped make Italy the surprising fourth place country in this Canadian blog’s all-time views list.

3) Phillip McCollum, my most visible loyal American reader.

4) Jim Graham, of Hong Kong, a friend and science fiction writer of growing repute.

I pass this award along to all of you, in appreciation for the time and attention you give following my blog, reading the articles, and giving me your input. I greatly appreciate your friendship.