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Thanks to that stellar blogger Adam S for the award nomination. May his beat go on.

Thanks to Adam S for nominating me as a recipient of the Blogger Idol Award. Such nods between bloggers are gestures of respect. I especially like the tagline on this award’s logo, “because writers are the new rock stars.” Whatever truth there may be in this, the Internet made it so. Much of what we post to blogs would have found no outlet in the traditional print world. In the same way that the rock revolution of the fifties and sixties changed the way we think about music, the Internet revolution has changed the way we regard the written word. Reversing a decades-long downward trend, more people read now than have ever read before.

The web brings people together in synergistic ways. Adam and I are decades apart in age and have traversed very different paths in life. Without the web, it is improbable that our paths would ever have crossed. Yet here we are, reading one another’s blogs and swapping compliments on WordPress. His thoughts influence me. I hope mine influence him.

Regular visitors to my blog know that I write in the classic literary style. My task is the age-old scholarly one of providing illumination. I am a lamp. Visitors to Adam’s blog will see right away that he is about as hip and cool as you can get. I enjoy the energy, humour, and sheer audacity of his writing. Yet Adam’s task is also to illuminate. He is a searchlight.

I would like to give a respectful nod to four great feminine bloggers:

Mari Biella – Mari is selective when it comes to awards so I don’t know if this one will please, but she is a fine writer who deserves a gesture of respect now and then. Writing novels combines with her bookworm ways to keep her from posting as often as her followers would like.

Lucinda Elliot – Lucinda continues to improve her gothic novel blog. She is a self-avowed matriarch and irrationalist – which sounds formidable – but I enjoy her sense of humour and her preoccupation with the likes of Elizabeth Gaskell, Emily Bronte, and Mary Shelley.

Catana – If you are a writer and enjoy maverick bloggers with a definite mind of their own, Catana is a blogger for you. I don’t think she is too keen on awards, but I would like to pay my respects so I’m putting her on my nomination list. Her blog deals with the writing process, writing software, her own books, writing for the online non-fiction market, and whatever else is on her mind.

Just Scribbling – Sally is busy with her day job in Indonesia and doesn’t post all that often, but her poems and articles are well worth waiting for. Her series of dragonfly poems is outstanding. Find them on her blog or pick up the link on my Facebook page.

There are no questions associated with this award. Just pass it on to four more worthy bloggers.