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Autumn Leaves

Autumn is the best season in life for philosophizing. This blog presents my attempt to integrate creativity, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. (Photo: Public Domain Pictures)

Well, after much hemming and hawing and comparing of blog hosts I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a blog on WordPress. I’m a mature writer with a wide philosophical streak that leans towards psychological explanations for our spiritual and mental lives. Naturally, I will announce the publication of my work here and document some of my experiences as I self-publish, but mostly I intend to post about writing from a philosophical perspective, what it means to be an intellectual, the nature of the authentic self, and my thoughts on the way Western societies are trending. I will feature a few reviews of indie works that seem especially good. For good measure, I will write about interesting mainstream books I’m reading and the ideas in them that have caught my attention.

Please read the About page for a more detailed description of what the blog is all about.

Here is a brief example of what I mean by being philosophical: I am currently reading Graham Farmelo’s biography of Paul Dirac, one of the quirkier pioneers of quantum mechanics. They were all a bit odd – mystical even – which may explain how we’ve reached the point where the uncertainty principle is being used to underpin various religious beliefs. Had the quantum pioneers been more rational would today’s science be drifting towards mysticism the way that it is? Merging science with religion is a dangerous game. The day may dawn when we no longer hold the quantum scientists in such high regard.